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York Press announce Grand Tour Competition

1st February 2012 | by STEPHEN LEWIS York Press

Most of the images that will go on display during the York Science and Innovation Grand Tour have been provided by researchers, institutes and companies in York that are leading the world in their fields.

Image here is the leaf of Sweet Annie (artemisia annua), magnified many times (Centre for Novel Agricultural Products)

Organisers of the tour are very keen that ordinary people should be involved, too.

That is why they are offering readers of The Press the chance to have their own images included in the tour.

You may – like Yorkshire student Emily Cummins, who a few years ago invented a solar-powered fridge in her grandad’s potting shed – have invented something simple yet extraordinary.

You might work for a local company which is developing something new and different. Or you might know about a great scientist or innovator from York’s past who deserves to take his or her place in the Tour.

If so, we would like to hear from you.

The only criteria to enter our competition are that you must have a stunning image (or an idea for one: help is available to make sure the image is good enough); that there is a link with York; and that the image has some scientific, technological, or innovation interest.

Send your images electronically to The Press at photographers@thepress.co.uk

A panel made up of chief feature writer Stephen Lewis and picture editor Martin Oates will choose a shortlist, which will be passed on to organisers of the Science and Innovation Grand Tour.

Submissions that meet all the criteria and are of sufficient quality will be chosen to be included in the Tour. The deadline for entries is Friday, February 24.

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