York Science & Innovation Grand Tour May - Sept 2012

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20 Castlegate

Did you know?

Henry Hindley was an 18th century clockmaker and maker of precision scientific instruments who lived in York. His work influenced the development of astronomical instrumentation.

Hindley fabricated two telescopes, one of which is thought to have been the world’s first equatorially-mounted telescope. It can now be seen in Burton Constable Hall, East Yorkshire. Hindley was also known to have made one of the first dividing engines, devices essential for the construction of accurate graduated arcs on scientific instruments.

To know more about the work of Henry Hindley, visit our Keeping Time
exhibition at Fairfax House which runs from 5 October to 30 December 2012
The exhibition brings together clocks of all shapes, sizes and types from
the region, to celebrate the skill and brilliance of Yorkshire’s greatest
horological innovators.

More information is on our website

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