York Science & Innovation Grand Tour May - Sept 2012

Sponsored by Aviva

21 South Esplanade

Did you know?

Ground-breaking 21st Century technology, in the form of a ‘bionic skeleton’, is being used to safeguard the East End of York Minster, a masterpiece of medieval technology.

The East End of York Minster has turrets and buttresses installed to restrain the weight of the entire roof and prevent it collapsing. To repair, replace and conserve the medieval stonework it has been made possible to drill the medieval foundation stones and leave behind a simple ‘Cintec Anchor’ – an octagonal ring–beam, acting almost like a bionic skeleton, designed to withstand enormous weight pressures and stabilise the historic building.

From the world’s greatest treasures to the smallest curiosities, York Minster is one of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals. You can explore a masterpiece in stained-glass and stone, its vast spaces alive with the sanctity and tradition of worship and heavenly music. Or discover quiet corners revealing unexpected stories and human inspiration.

The work at the East End is part of a five-year project, York Minster Revealed, which includes:
• The largest conservation and restoration project of its kind in the UK.
• The development of training and apprenticeships in traditional craft skills alongside award-winning, high-tech conservation studios, putting York on an international map.
• State-of-the-art multi-media galleries and new displays of historic collections will create new learning opportunities and transform the experience of visiting York Minster.

Enter the Orb, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see, at close range, some of the world’s most important medieval art, in stained-glass. Explore new audio-visual, interactive galleries illustrating the stories and craftsmanship of the Minster’s great East End.

Take an inspirational journey into the underground chambers of the vast Undercroft and Treasury, revealing York Minster’s past, present and future. Dynamic, new interactive displays will reveal the significance behind York Minster’s most treasured artefacts as never before. Access will also be greatly improved by installing lifts in the Undercroft, Treasury and Crypts, and by creating a piazza with integrated ramps and new ticketing facilities.

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