York Science & Innovation Grand Tour May - Sept 2012

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26 Station Road

Did you know?

The total number of miles travelled by the fleet of East Coast trains per weekday is equal to one train travelling more than one and half times around the world.

Maintaining East Coast’s train fleet is a major challenge for our highly skilled engineers, who use the latest technology, like thermal imaging cameras to take images of our trains, which help to identify potential faults before they happen and keep our services moving to deliver the performance our passengers want.

Keeping our train fleet on the move is a challenge that demands the latest technology and highly skilled staff to get the details right, and deliver high standards of train performance for passengers.

Our image shows a train wheel taken from thermal imaging camera equipment that is used to find heat spots on the train, which helps our engineers identify potential faults before they happen.

Similarly, East Coast has invested £2 million in Project Falcon, the code name for a pioneering initiative that has seen East Coast become the first train operator to have all of its electric and diesel fleets fitted with remote monitoring equipment.

Falcon was progressively rolled out to the East Coast fleet between autumn 2011 and spring 2012, and is a real-time monitoring system, transmitting live data from the train, which has helped in fault diagnosis and repair, and has revealed insights into the way train components behave in specific situations.

The benefits of installing Falcon include identifying potentially troublesome train sets earlier and with greater accuracy, therefore reducing the amount of time a train is out of action for repair, and minimising disruption to our passengers.

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