York Science & Innovation Grand Tour May - Sept 2012

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30 Observatory, Museum Gardens

Did you know?

The astronomer William Parsons, born in York in 1800, was the first to discover the billions of stars outside our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

William Parsons, Lord Rosse, built the world’s largest reflecting telescope – the Leviathan of Parsonstown – in the 1840s. The power of the telescope allowed him to make the first accurate drawings of spiral galaxies containing billions of individual stars, showing that Earth’s own place in the Universe is very small indeed.

Image: Whirlpool/Spiral Galaxy. Photo: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Wesleyan Univ./R.Kilgard et al; UV: NASA/JPL-Caltech; Optical: NASA/ESA/S. Beckwith & Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA); IR: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ Univ. of AZ/R. Kennicutt.

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