York Science & Innovation Grand Tour May - Sept 2012

Sponsored by Aviva

41 Grape Lane

Did you know?

Scientists in York are developing new drugs and vaccines to combat some of the world’s most deadly tropical diseases caused by microscopic organisms.

Leishmania parasites, transmitted by blood-feeding sandflies in 90 countries worldwide, cause chronic disease in man and other mammals. The parasites move using a long flagellum which is lost following introduction into the mammalian host. Here, fluorescent dyes show the flagellum and internal structures of the parasite, features that are normally invisible to the naked eye.

Research in tropical medicine is just one example of the breadth of research activity carried out within the Department of Biology at the University of York. For more examples please see the links under ‘Other Exhibits from this Sponsor’‘.

For more information on research on the tropical disease leishmaniasis, visit the Centre for Immunology and Infection web pages.

If you are a teacher or involved in an organization, club or society, and would like to have a presentation or activity related to these or other biological topics, we may be able to help. Visit the Biology or Centre for Immunology and Infection outreach web pages to learn about past and present outreach activities. Contact details can be found there as well.
The research activities described above are made possibly with financial support from a wide range of sources including, but not limited to, charities like the Wellcome Trust and government support agencies via Research Councils UK, as well as international funding from the European Union. Details about the funding for individual projects can be found by following the links to the research groups’ websites.

Reproduction in any form of any of the images on this website is strictly prohibited.


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